Tetra CO2 Laser Resurfacing

In this advanced era, technology has reached its peak in all aspects of a human’s life. This includes health care as well, from body health to skin care. Regarding this, another most recent advancement that has revolutionized the world of skin care is the Tetra CO2 Laser

The first question that might arise in your mind is, what is it? It’s used for the treatment of scars, wrinkles, and dark spots and is known to be the most effective. Commonly known as the Cool Peel, it is mentioned to be the only aesthetic technology that can perform a Cool Peel. Now, what does this cool peel exactly do? Let’s explore it further.

What Is Tetra CoolPeel Laser Treatment?

The Tetra CO2 Laser is a handpiece setting a new standard in skin surfacing technology. It has rapidly become a popular solution for fixing skin issues. These include wrinkles, spots, and acne scars and are also effective for lowering hyperpigmentation. With that, the treatment is also capable of recovering damaged skin. Initially associated with some discomfort, the addition of CoolPeel reduced any lingering heat sensation, enhancing the overall treatment experience. But now, with the latest inclusion of CoolPeel, it can provide you with amazing results with minimal downtime.

One thing that makes it even more special is that it gives you smoother skin and enhances surrounding tissue with no pain and fewer risks. It keeps the surrounding tissue intact. This can be great news for anyone looking for fresher and tighter skin but is afraid of the painful processes. Additionally, the treatment is suitable for people of all ages, as it’s also used for skin tightening purposes.

Unlike the old treatment, the Tetra CO2 Laser is now much gentler. This means you can enjoy the benefits of improved skin without the long waits to heal. The technology targets the affected area, boosts collagen, and renews your skin with utmost comfort. With this process, chances of experiencing hyperpigmentation, demarcation, or infection are extremely low.

How Does Tetra CO2 Laser Work?

The fractional ablative treatment, paired with a topical numbing cream, is the new way to make your skin look brighter and keep the skin hydrated. The best thing is that it targets just the superficial layer. It uses a special laser called the SmartXide Tetra CO2, which is only found in Cartessa Aesthetics, USA. It’s made by DEKA, which is a top producer of skincare products.

The magic of CoolPeel treatments comes from the way it holds the laser. It’s different from other laser treatments. Instead of delivering a burst of laser energy pulses, it gives extremely short pulses at several intervals. This process keeps the skin safe from being burnt. It avoids unnecessary heat; that’s why it’s named CoolPeel because it doesn’t make your skin hot. The recovery time of the treatment is also relatively low. Most people only need 1 to 7 days to recover, so you can get back to your regular life routine even quicker. It’s a cool, safe, and easy way to give your skin a fresh start.

Benefits Of Tetra CO2 Treatment

There are numerous skin resurfacing benefits of this technology which a few main benefits are given below:

  1. Treating Wrinkles and Lines, Skin Rejuvenation: It miraculously lightens all the tiny lines and wrinkles on the face, and can even vanish them with a considerable downtime

. It does this by increasing the collagen production. Because it’s the sole element of making the skin healthier and more youthful looking.

  1. Minimize Sun Damage and Age Spots: If you spend a lot of time in the sun, you might get spots on your skin. The CoolPeel treatment helps you get rid of them. It simply breaks down those spots and creates a healthy glow on the surrounding skin, promoting rejuvenated skin tissue
  2. Provides An Even Skin Tone: Sometimes our skin becomes uneven due to several reasons including sun tan due to excessive sun exposure. This treatment is all about targeting the areas that are too dark or red. It enhances your skin and makes it glow more than before.
  3. Improves Skin Texture: If your skin feels rough or bumpy, CoolPeel laser treatments can help. It makes your skin softer and encourages the skin to produce new cells and collagen.
  4. Minimizing Scars: Scars are the worst thing on the face that everybody wants to remove permanently. These scars can be of acne or cuts and it can also largely affect your confidence of going outside with a skin like that. With this treatment, your scars can become less visible or can even fade away completely. 

When Will You See The Results and How Long Will They Last

After getting Tetra CoolPeel laser treatments, your skin will start enhancing in about 10 days. Now the question is how many treatments are needed. Retreatments continue for 3 to 6 months, and you’ll see even more improvement as your skin heals deeper down. 

The second question of how long will the effects last, it depends. It’s highly dependent on different factors, but they could last for many months or even years. 

To make sure to get the best skin resurfacing results it’s necessary to stick to a personalized skincare routine and also minimize sun exposure. It’s important to be consistent over it and maintain and optimize results.

Cost Of Tetra CO2 CoolPeel Laser Treatment 

After reading so much about the treatment, you must be curious about what it would cost. It varies based on factors such as the size of the affected area you want to be treated and from where you get it done. Because every clinic would have its own pricing. 

Providing a general view, a single Tetra CO2 Laser treatment cost ranges from approximately $500 to $2000. You should also keep in mind to talk it out with the practitioner before heading forward to the treatment.

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Tetra CO2 Laser Resurfacing

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