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Transform Your Body With Emsculpt On Long Island In New York

Build Muscle & Burn Fat In Suffolk County & Nassau County

Thanks to innovative technology, people are now able to build muscle and burn fat with Emsculpt body contouring treatments. Unlike the renowned CoolSculpting procedure that only targets subdermal fat, Emsculpt goes further. CoolSculpting only shrinks fat cells while Emsculpt not only destroys fat cells but transforms the body by building, strengthening, and toning muscle using electromagnetic muscle stimulation. Emsculpt is cleared by the FDA and can target numerous muscle groups, including those in the abdomen (for chiseled, six-pack abs,) the buttocks (as a non-surgical alternative to a butt-lift,) the arms (for defined biceps and triceps) and legs (for firm, toned thighs.) Individuals on Long Island who try the procedure also love that it is painless and requires no downtime.

If you’re tired of spending countless hours in the gym with no noticeable results, give Emsculpt a try. Shore Medical Aesthetics is proud to be the leading provider of Emsculpt on Long Island. Our facility is conveniently located in Babylon, NY, on Long Island where we serve clients in Suffolk County and Nassau County. Call us now at (516) 690-7546 or reach out to us online to schedule a body contouring consultation.

The Advantages of Emsculpt

  • First FDA cleared treatment for building & strengthening muscle
  • Increased muscle volume by 16%
  • Permanently eliminates stubborn fat
  • Reduced fat by 20%
  • Safe and effective
  • Non-invasive, no needles or anesthesia
  • Target abs, glutes, triceps, and quads
  • No pain or downtime
  • 20,000 + contractions in a single treatment
  • Convenient 30-minute procedure
  • A more slim and sculpted figure

Understanding The Technology Behind Emsculpt And How It Works

Individuals often search online to find out how exactly Emsculpt works. While the methodology is scientific and innovative, it is not difficult to understand the procedure. An expert Emsculpt technician uses Highly focused Electro-Magnetic energy (HIFEM.) The electromagnetic wave is able to penetrate the muscle tissue intensely and deeply, stimulating supramaximal muscle contractions in the targeted muscle group. 

The HIFEM process allows muscle contractions to be achieved at supramaximal levels. The degrees at which the muscles are contracted are unlike any that can be done manually. To put it in perspective, one treatment of Emsculpt alone delivers 20,000 contractions. That is equal to 20,000 crunches or 20,000 squats.¹

The HIFEM energy is also able to disrupt subcutaneous adipocytes or fat cells that are near the treatment area. These. Nearby fat storages are used up to provide the needed energy to power the intense contractions. through the muscle stimulation contractions. In turn, the process triggers the destruction of overlying fat cells. Then, the lymphatic system removes them naturally through the metabolic process.¹ This is the same methodology used by other non-surgical fat-reducing procedures and CoolSculpting. Unwanted bulges, stubborn fat and unsightly areas are no match for the process. It’s why they are calling Emsculpt the best non-invasive body contouring treatment available today.

Emsculpt Before and After Results*

When people find Emsculpt before and after pictures showing the results experienced by real patients, they are blown away. These images of real Emsculpt patients depict the body contouring transformation that takes place. During a treatment, muscle mass is built, and the body tone is increased. In addition, strength is also improved, and the definition of the body is enhanced.

The Emsculpt Treatment Explained

Those interested in finding out more about Emsculpt treatments generally have many questions. For one, they want to know how much does Emsculpt cost. In addition, how long the treatment is and how many will they need. In truth, the answers to those questions vary since every patient is different. The same can be said for the results any individual may experience.* 

Many people may also wonder what to expect at an Emsculpt appointment. An Emsculpt technician performs the procedure using a single applicator that is placed over the treatment area. During the session, HIFEM and RF energy pass through the applicator to the targeted area being treated. This process heats up the underlying tissue and rigorously contracts the muscles. Each session triggers over 20,000 contractions that build and strengthen new muscle while simultaneously burning fat.
Patients will experience intense but tolerable heating sensations and muscle contractions during Emsculpt sessions. Generally, the treatment can take about thirty minutes, and patients are free to lie down and relax during the treatment.
The majority of treatment plans are scheduled in 4 cycles, broken down 2 to 3 days apart from each other. It is one of the things that distinguish the comprehensive Emsculpt procedure from others available. Unlike Emsculpt other body contouring regimens require the treatments to be scheduled months apart.

Cost Of Emsculpt Neo On Long Island, New York

As mentioned above, the cost varies for each Emsculpt patient. Numerous factors, such as the number of treatment areas and the number of treatments the patient needs to achieve their body goals, all influence the total cost of Emsculpt. Patients may need multiple treatment sessions to reach their desired outcome if they have a higher body mass index (BMI). Therefore, additional treatments can drive up the overall cost of this body-shaping procedure.
At Shore Medical Aesthetics & Anti-Aging, we offer personalized consultations with our team of Emsculpt experts to understand patients’ aesthetic goals better and streamline the Emsculpt process’s overall price. During the initial consultation, we assess the patient’s overall health and areas of concern. If the individual is an ideal candidate for Emsculpt treatments, we will move forward with creating a unique treatment plan that is in alignment with their budget and customized to meet their specific body goals.

Emsculpt Treatment Results

As with any body treatment, realistic expectations are very important when considering aesthetic procedures like an Emsculpt body shaping treatment. Results and patient experience may vary.* Emsculpt is not a one-size-fits-all treatment and may not be suitable for everyone.

Depending on the custom Emsculpt treatment plan created for each patient and their aesthetic goals, patients will begin to see results following their last Emsculpt treatment. However, some patients may notice improvements after a single session.

In terms of results, Emsculpt can effectively increase muscle tone and definition by 16%*. This body sculpting treatment can also destroy stubborn fat by 20%*. As with any aesthetic treatment, results and patient experience may vary.* It is worth noting that a successful Emsculpt treatment outcome can be adversely affected by lifestyle choices such as smoking, eating disorders, or excessive alcohol consumption.

Emsculpt Side Effects*

This FDA cleared procedure is safe, quick and requires no downtime. Still, with any new procedure, folks want to know if there are any known side effects they need to be aware of. Emsculpt side effects are rare. Still, there are patients who experience muscle soreness that is temporary. The soreness is experienced within 24 to 48 hours after the procedure in the areas treated. However, the soreness people feel is similar to those felt after a rigorous workout. In fact, the soreness can be construed as a sign that the Emsculpt procedure is working.*

Emsculpt Recovery Time

Emsculpt is non-surgical, so there is no post-treatment healing or recovery process. After each treatment session, patients may experience slight redness, swelling, or mild muscle fatigue. However, these symptoms resolve within a day following the procedure. Patients can get back to their normal routine after each treatment session.

Why Choose Shore Medical Aesthetics And Anti-aging

Emsculpt is a technique-sensitive treatment. The skill and expertise of the provider heavily influence outcomes. That is why discerning patients living on Long Island in Suffolk County choose Shore Medical Aesthetics and Anti-aging as their preferred provider of Emsculpt. Offering the first Emsculpt treatment in Suffolk County, Shore’s experience is unrivaled.
Furthermore, Shore Medical Aesthetics & Anti-Aging emphasizes patient education and tailors its practice toward each patient’s individual goals. The practice was founded with the mission to provide a uniquely reputable medical aesthetic office with a personalized touch.

Emsculpt Providers Near Me On Long Island

The best way to sculpt your body is by contacting a superior Emsculpt provider such as Shore Medical Aesthetics and Anti-Aging. We are proud to be the leading provider of Emsculpt on Long Island, serving clients in Suffolk County and Nassau County.

Schedule your consultation by contacting us online or calling (516) 690-7546. Choosing to have your treatment done by an expert Emsculpt technician is the next step to reshaping your body. Call or visit our practice today to get started on a body-altering experience that will change your life.

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**Results may vary. We are reputable for complete customer satisfaction for completed treatments. Before and after images reflect real results from real patients, although individual results may vary. No treatment is promised to provide permanent results. A guarantee is neither provided nor implied. Statements estimating treatment duration and the number of treatments required are based on the typical experience of our patients, however individual experiences may vary.

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