Voluma is an injectable filler that restores the natural volume and look of your cheeks. This treatment is used in over 70 countries and adds volume to your three primary cheek areas (the apex, apple & hollow) with beautiful results with a single treatment. Shore Medical Aesthetics & Anti-Aging is proud to offer our excellent treatment options. 

Voluma Benefits

  1. Voluma restores the curves of your face to defy aging and give your cheeks definition. Rather than sagging or loose hanging skin, this treatment helps keep your facial contours strong and looking healthy for years. This treatment greatly supports your skin's natural elasticity.

  2. Voluma treatments improve skin tightness to help prevent wrinkles from forming. Wrinkles are a natural aging factor for everyone. However, this treatment ensures your cheeks remain naturally free of wrinkles, lines, crows feet and other common aging signs.

  3. This treatment is gentle on the skin and lets you perform your normal routine in about a day. There is virtually no downtime and a single treatment lasts up to two years. Voluma is also a very efficient procedure. Most treatments usually take only 15-45 minutes depending on how many injections are needed.

  4. This treatment is FDA approved ensuring safety during and after your procedure. You will have natural looking results that are sure to last with little to no side effects.

  5. Natural hyaluronic acid is the main ingredient in Voluma. Hyaluronic acid helps keep your skin plump by binding itself to water molecules. This is a naturally occurring substance that is lost in our bodies through aging. Our treatment restores the hyaluronic acid in your skin keeping your cheeks and face looking as young as ever. 

Many people do not consider adding volume and lift around the mid-face and cheek areas, however doing so can not only re-contour the face, but give you a more youthful appearance. With Voluma, you'll get a total facial, non-invasive treatment that is safe and a perfect alternative to implants or a surgical lift. Another consideration can be Juvederm, which is similar to this type of treatment.

Your Long Island Voluma Experts

Shore Medical Aesthetics has years of experience in the field and provides dependable and safe voluma treatments. Our commitment to excellent client support allows us to provide you with the highest quality treatments and procedures. Our medical experts look forward to helping you achieve the beautiful look you have been searching for. We look forward to working with you. For more information on our Voluma and other treatments, please contact us today. Our office is located in Babylon, Long Island. The number to call to receive a free consultation is 1-516-690-SKIN.